“As a working-class girl from the country, I never anticipated that I could be a Member of Parliament.”

“Gender equality means more than legal rights.”

“Seeing neighbours, friends and more often than not strangers come together to fight for their community is incredibly powerful.”

“Often individual concerns don’t make headline news, but make a positive difference in the lives of the individual who needed the advocacy.”

“Gender equality is a commitment to a thriving society through valuing women’s contribution”

“It is about respect and fairness to all, and to be treated according to your merits.”

Vickie Chapman is the Deputy Premier and Attorney-General of South Australia, the first woman in either of these roles.

“Women having a voice means that more viewpoints are represented when decisions are made”

“It is about not only acknowledging but valuing all genders equally.”

“Community work is an important precursor to being elected to parliament, because it means that when you’re elected, you’re already across the issues of the community”

In Her Seat

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